List of the 575 largest renewable energy developers in Europe [2024]

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Last update: 19th February, 2024

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European wind energy developers

List of 10 renewable energy developers in Europe

The transition of the energy supply is of great importance when it comes to the future of our environment and thus also our own future. More and more energy developer become aware of the seriousness of the situation and taking on their responsibility in the process of creating a greener energy generation and particularly a sustainable future. With this increased awareness, international and regional developer orienting themselves towards the development of innovative and renewable energy generation. While some specialize themselves to one sector such as wind parks or solar farms, others try to establish a wide range of renewable energy projects by evolving not only solar parks and wind farms (onshore and offshore) but also less popular methods like Hydrogen projects, biomass, hydro power or the field of energy storage. In the following, ten of the most important, European developers will be presented.

1) BayWa r.e. renewable energy (Munich, Germany)

The leading developer in Germany and Europe is characterized by its focus on solar farms as well as onshore and offshore wind parks. While providing an end-to-end solution, the Munich based developer for renewable energy creates innovative solutions for the transition of the energy supply. Until today, BayWa r.e. developed renewable energy projects in 28 countries with a total capacity of over 3.5 GW. This makes BayWa r.e. one of the most important renewable energy developers in Europe. In Addition to solar and wind farms, the subsidiary of BayWa AG is also active in other renewable sectors such as hybrid, solar distribution, bioenergy and energy trading. Based on their 30 years of experience, the German developer was able to evolve to largest wind farm in the US so far, as well as more than 625 solar projects.

Update 2024: BayWa r.e. secured €6.5 million of funding from the EU’s LIFE Programme. The funding will support the development of six projects in five countries by 2027, that explore methods to integrate agriculture with solar power generation. The projects are located in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

2) Iberia Solar (Valencia, Spain)

Iberia Solar can exhibit a portfolio of renewable projects with a total capacity of over 2 GW. While being backed by the private equity fund Asterion Industrial Partners, the Valencia based developer was able to evolve many solar projects across Spain since the founding three years ago. By aiming the status of a benchmark within the renewable energy industry, the Spanish constructor is part of the worldwide transition of the energy supply chain. The two founders already had experience in the area of renewable energy through owning wind farms and convey with their development firm values like efficiency and sustainability.

3) EDF Renewables (Paris, France)

As expert for wind energy generation and storage, the French developer from Paris strives for the optimization in the context of using natural resources for energy generation. Approaching the overall goal of contributing their part to the energy transition, EDF Renewables uses the latest technologies within utilizing various renewable energy sources. In collaboration with their subsidiary Theolia Naturenergien GmbH, EDF Renewables developed renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 500MW. Besides the wind parks, EDF Renewables is operating energy storage projects with a capacity of 5 GW and currently working on its expansion to additional 10 GW energy storage worldwide within the next 15 years. EDF Renewables is one of the most active renewable energy independent power producers worldwide, some of the current projects are a wind farm projects in the Umsombomvu municipality or a solar farm with battery in the UK east Midlands region.

4) Banks Renewables Limited (Durham, United Kingdom)

The Developer with headquarter in Durham, UK, is part of the Banks Group. This affiliation enables the activity in the field of renewable energy as well as the realization of various renewable energy projects. With the management of ten onshore wind parks across Scotland and the North of England, Banks Renewables Limited can exhibit a portfolio with a capacity of over 222MW renewable energy. While focusing on projects within the United Kingdom, the British developer incurs all incoming tasks; thus Banks Renewables Limited is responsible for the inception implementation and completion. Furthermore, the renewable energy developer is continuous seeking for new opportunities and further innovative developments.

Update 2024: After its acquisition by Brookfield Asset Management in December 2023, Banks Renewables has rebranded as OnPath Energy. OnPath Energy has disclosed a pipeline of over 4GW of renewable capacity, featuring 11 operational onshore wind farms in Scotland and northern England. The company asserts its position as a prominent owner and operator in the UK’s onshore renewable energy sector.

5) Altus (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Since the founding in 2008, the German developer was able to realize the implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic solar parks, including the connecting from the new power plants to the electricity grid. With a total portfolio capacity of 760 MW, Altus captures an important position in the process of the energy supply transition. Ensuring long-term and sustainable energy solutions, the Karlsruhe based developer relies on technical and commercial operational management while using the newest technologies. The development of wind parks and solar farms is based on the well-considered selection of the location by embracing local circumstances, requirements and further details.

6) EDP Renovaveis SA (Madrid, Spain)

EDP Renewables is a developer from Madrid with focus on onshore and offshore wind parks as well as solar farms. By sharing the goal of modifying the energy supply chain to a sustainable and greener version, the Spanish developer is continuous striving for operational excellence within the renewable energy projects. As the third-largest wind energy producer worldwide, EDP Renewables is seeking to become a global leader in the context of renewable energy generation while conveying their values of innovation, sustainability and humanization at the same time. Since the founding in 2007, the renewable energy projects developer was able to enter 15 markets across the globe which enabled the installed capacity of 11361 MW. This makes EDP Renovaveis one of the largest renewable energy developers in Europe. In 2022, the renewable energy giant has added over 2 GW to their portfolio.

Update 2024: EDP Renovaveis SA secured a 20 year contract-for-difference (CfD) for 100 MW of wind power through an auction in Italy. The awarded CfDs concern three onshore wind projects situated in the southern region of the country. The wind parks are anticipated to start operations by 2026.

7) Voltalia (Paris, France)

Focusing on renewable energy projects, the Paris based developer holds a wide portfolio including five different categories of renewable energy generation. By developing innovative solutions, Voltalia was able to realize projects in the fields of solar, wind energy, hydro power, biomass and energy storage. In Addition to innovation and sustainability, the French developer values ingeniosity, integrity, entrepreneurship and team spirit. Over all, Voltalia-developed projects are present in 20 different countries, summing up a capacity of 8.5 GW through projects under development and other 1.3 GW by projects under construction.

8) Scatec (Oslo, Norway)

The significant capacity size of Scatec’s portfolio conducts 3035 MW while being made up of various renewable energy projects. Although the largest amount is ascribable to the field of solar energy, the achieved capacity through hydro power is a specialty of the Norwegian developer. Even though wind energy projects are also included in the portfolio, this kind of energy generation is not in the focus so far. By aiming to change the energy supply towards a sustainable future, the Oslo based developer implements the projects by integrating reliable and innovative technologies.

9) Repsol (Madrid, Spain)

The Spanish energy-provider Repsol is currently refocusing their strategy by expanding their portfolio with renewable energy projects. With 25000 employees and projects across 31 countries, Repsol engages a leading position in the energy provider sector. With the commitment to reach the net zero emissions status by 2050, the Madrid based developer converts to innovative solutions for the implementation of renewable energy projects. In their portfolio are different categories of renewable energy to determine, for example offshore and onshore wind parks, solar farms and hydropower.

10) Enel Green Power (Rome, Italy)

Enel Green Power represents the leader within the renewable energy sector in Italy. While approaching their mission of driving the energy supply transition forward, the Rome based developer was able to realize renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 49 GW. This capacity of generated energy is ascribable to different categories of renewable energy projects, such as solar farms, wind parks, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass. By continuously improving their technologies and adding more renewable energy projects to their portfolio, Enel Green Power is aiming a decarbonization of the society and the begin of a sustainable energy supply.


project developers renewable energy in europe

Renewable energy developers in Europe

map of the largest green energy developers europe

Almost every large-scale renewable energy installation in Europe is based on the work of a renewable energy developer. Developers acquire land plots, realize the installation of PV-panels or wind energy generators, connect the installation to the grid and subsequently sell it to renewable energy investors. Our list is the most extensive database of European renewable energy developers.

Using the list to sell and lease land plots to renewable energy developers

After deciding to sell or lease a land plot to renewable energy developers – for instance in especially sunny or windy areas – it is essential to get an overview of all relevant green energy development firms who might have an interest in acquiring (or leasing) the land. Our list is tailored to get an extensive and helpful overview of potential investors and business partners.

Renewable energy research and transaction analysis

In order to compile our list, our team screens every possible renewable energy deal in Europe, analyzes the involved parties and adds them to our database. Every project developer in our list can also be found in our directory. In case we missed a relevant European renewable energy developer, you can submit a new listing here. In case we made an error on a certain firm – for instance not mentioning the installed capacity – you can always report an error on the respective page. Through crowdsourcing, we consequently improve our list. We also scan the project pipelines of renewable energy developers in order to hold our lists up to date.award for european renewable energy developers

Award for included firms

Getting included in our list of Europe’s most important solar and wind park developers follows a thorough research and analysis process. Hence, all included renewable energy developers in Europe can use our badge, that shows their role in European renewable markets. Only firms included in the list are allowed to use the badge. Firms included in our directory are invited once a year to use the badge via email.

Included columns in our renewable energy developer list

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  • Email
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  • Onshore Wind?
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  • Installed capacity in MW

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