List of the 700 largest PV-Installers UK [2024]

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Last update: 7th May, 2024

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PV Installers UK

List of 5 large PV-installers in the UK [2024]

In times of environmental consciousness and sustainable solutions, solar energy stands out as a shining example. The United Kingdom has witnessed a remarkable increase in the adoption of solar energy. As the nation strives towards a greener future, the installation of PV has emerged as a prominent solution. This shows the need for skilled professionals who provide installation of new PV systems for all sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The following article presents 5 of the largest PV installers in the UK.

1. Project Solar UK Ltd (Burton on Trent)

Project Solar UK is the leading installer of solar panels across the UK. Based in in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, the company is the most accredited solar panel installation company in the nation. In the last year they were honoured the title “company of the Year”, “European Installer of the Year”, and “The Best Project Planner”. To date they have installed over 45.000 solar panels (and batteries) saving 150.000 tonnes of carbon. Project Solar operates from two offices located in Northwest and Midlands, providing their clients 24/7 monitoring, lifetime guarantees and high-quality expertise.

2. Greener Energy Group Ltd (Paisley)

Founded in 2014, The company is headquartered in Paisley with satellite offices in Inverness and Aberdeen. They provide their wide range of services including solar panel installation throughout the whole of Scotland. The company also focuses on solar installation alongside heat pumps. Greener Energy additionally has a partnership with “Trees for Life”, where they plant a tree for every energy assessment they carry out as part of their “MakingScotlandGreener” campaign.

3. Solar4Good UK Ltd (Harrow)

The multi-award-winning company Solar4Good is based in Harrow and was commended as the “Solar PV Installer of the year (2023)”. With over 15 years of experience, they provide commercial and residential Solar PV Installations across the nation. The company offers a diverse selection of the best solar panels and cells, accessing the best available technologies. To date they have carried out more than 1.500 installations and have installed more than 10.000 MWh of capacity.

4. Solarsense UK Ltd (Bristol)

Founded in 1995, the solar installer Solarsense has completed more than 15.000 renewable energy installations, being responsible for powering some of the leading organizations in the UK. The company specializes in the design, installation, supply, and maintenance of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies for both commercial and residential sectors across the UK. Solarsense places great value on their social responsibility and invests in direct support of selected charitable projects throughout the UK.

5. Green Home Systems Ltd (Irvine)

Green Home Systems was established in 2014 and has grown to become one of Scotland’s leading energy efficiency installers. The company is backed by Circularity Capital, one of Europe’s leading private equity funds. They provide a wide range of services including renewable energy technologies such as solar panel installation. Green Home Systems won the “Energy Efficiency Award” in 2023.


Solar Installers UK

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