List of 3 Renewable Energy Developers in Spain

List of 3 renewable energy developers in spain

The strong sun in Spain does not only attract tourists, but also developers of renewable energy. Due to the many hours of sunshine per day and the long summer season, the conditions for photovoltaic solar farms are very suitable. For this reason, many renewable energy developers are based on the Spanish mainland and expedite from there the amelioration of the technology implementation of renewable energy projects. Based on the pioneer role of Spanish developers, the top three developers will be introduced in the following. Besides the short presentation, further details and additional developers are provided in our +100 list of European renewable energy developers.

1. Iberia Solar (Valencia)

The Spanish developer for solar farms was founded in 2018 and is backed by one of Spain’s largest equity funds, Asterion Industrial Partners. By realizing numerous solar parks with a total capacity of over 2 GW, the developer is pursuing their goal of creating a greener energy generation and thereby sustainable future. With regional focus on Spain, Iberia Solar develops photovoltaic solar parks while elucidating their values as efficiency and sustainability.

2. EDP Renewables (Madrid)

As third-largest wind energy producer worldwide, the Madrid based developer is an expert in realizing onshore and offshore wind parks. In order to drive the energy transition further forward, EDP Renewables is also developing solar farms while continuously striving to become a global leader in the field of renewable energy generation. The stock-listed company stands for innovation, sustainability and humanization while seeking for further growth and operational excellence.

3. Repsol (Madrid)

The Spanish energy provider with more than 25.000 employees accepted their responsibility in the context of the energy transition by refocusing their strategy and expanding to the field of renewable energy generation. Thus, Repsol shares to overall goal of a sustainable future by aiming the net zero emission status within the next 30 years. Based on this commitment, the Madrid based developer switched to innovative solutions and focuses on applied research for new technologies.

Picture Source: Unsplash, 31.03.2021

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