List of the 50 largest green hydrogen developers in Europe [2024]

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Last update: 19th Februrary, 2024
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This list is an excerpt of our List of the 575 largest renewable energy developers in Europe


European green hydrogen developer

List of 5 green hydrogen developers in Europe

Green hydrogen is one of the cornerstones for the future of the renewable energy industry and key against the fight of climate change. Green hydrogen holds the opportunity and important promise to decarbonize various sectors, starting from transportation to industrial processes. Moreover, green hydrogen can function as a valuable energy storage technology through which renewable energy from green sources like wind and solar projects be more functional with regards to grid stability. The EU has established the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, bringing together industry leaders with policy makers in order to drive the green hydrogen sector – overall, Europe is one of the main players in the green hydrogen industry with one of the main market leaders being the United Kingdom. This article presents five main green hydrogen players in the European market.

1. Conrad Energy Limited (Abingdon, UK)

Conrad Energy is an Abingdon-based Independent Power Producer (IPP). The company owns operates over 60 renewable energy sites across the UK. The developer has a portfolio containing of solar energy projects, grid stability projects, energy storage and also green hydrogen development.  A current project of the IPP is a 3MW project located within the Lowestoft PowerPark, consisting of three hydrogen electrolysers with associated storage.

Update 2024: The company applied in September of 2023 for the construction of a solar farm, that is set to be located in West Coker, Somerset, England. In February 2024, Somerset’s Council has approved the proposal, which means that the solar farm could be operational by the end of the year.

2. Gen2 Energy (Borre, Norway)

Gen2 Energy is a Borre-based green hydrogen developer. The Norwegian company was founded in 2014 and focuses on developing green-hydrogen solutions in Scandinavia, specifically Norway. Currently, the company plans four projects, all based in Norway: two green hydrogen facilities in Mosjøen (Helgeland), a facility in Meråker (Trøndelag) and one in Suldal in the Ryfylke region. All projects are planned to be operational in 2024 or 2025.

3. Lhyfe (Nantes, France)

Lhyfe is a green hydrogen developer based in Nantes, France. The company offers diverse solutions, starting from green hydrogen for local authorities, carriers and logistics providers, fuel suppliers to industries. Lhyfe has project sites not only directly on-site but also holds onshore and offshore production units. Their energy source (in order to produce green hydrogen) are in the most cases wind farms and solar parks.

4. TES H2 (Zaventem, Belgium)

TES H2 has its headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium and produces green hydrogen at scale for various sectors (mainly mobility, industrial and power sectors). As of now, the company is active in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Canada and the United States. The producer relies on renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro energy in order to sustainably source green hydrogen for their projects.

5. Protium (London, UK)

Protium is a renewable energy project developer based in London. The company focuses on the development of large-scale green hydrogen projects. Not only does Protium source green hydrogen through the use of renewable energy sources (e.g. wind and solar parks), they are also active in the next part of the value chain. The company supports the decarbonisation of heat, power and transportation sectors by providing their produces hydrogen.


List of green hydrogen developers in Europe

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Picture Source: Waldemar & Nikola Johnny Mirkovic via Unsplash (12.06.2023)


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