List of the 130 largest wind farm developers in the United States [2024]

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Last update: 02nd of January, 2024

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This list is an excerpt of our database of the 350 largest American renewable energy developers.


Wind energy developer from Canada

List of 10 wind farm developers in the United States

Wind energy is the second most common renewable energy next to solar energy. Therefore it is also an important asset for the United States, where a significatn amount of total energy is generated by wind parks. Both countries are under the Top 10 countries concerning wind energy capacity. Therefore the northamerican wind energy market is extensive and growing. An important part of (renewable) energy markets are always project developers. This article presents 10 well-known renewbale energy project developer from the United States and Canada.

1. Cielo Wind Power (Austin, Texas)

Cielo Wind Power is a renewable energy developer from Austin, Texas. As their company name already suggests, the firm focuses mostly on wind energy and calls itself the “most experienced wind farm developers in the Americas”. Being in business for nearly 30 years, Cielo wind has installed over 1,635 wind turbines and has a portfolio combining over 3,000MW of developed capacity.

2. Hexagon Energy (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Hexagon Energy is an independent developer of renewable energy projects focusing on six different asset classes: Solar, wind, wave, biomass, geothermal energy and energy storage. The company based in Charlottesville, Virginia has an end goal of a power purchase agreement (PPA). Geographically focusing on the eastern states of the United States, Hexagon Energy has managed to set foot as an important market player.

3. Invenergy (Chicago, Illinois)

Invenergy is a developer and operator of renewable energy solutions based in Chicago, Illinois. Their asset portfolio is widely spread and the company has expertise not only in wind energy, but also in solar and gas energy as well as energy storage and clean water. While Invenergy is active worldwide and has multiple offices all over the globe, their main focus is in the United States. Overall, the developer has developed 188 projects combining over 29,000 MW of installed capacity.

Update 2024: In August 2023, Invenergy and energyRe have jointly submitted a bid for a 2.4GW offshore wind project, named Leading Light Wind. This project stands out as the sole American-led initiative in the New York Bight. Additionally, Invenergy is now active in the green hydrogen market – by using energy from an Invenergy solar plant in Illinois, green hydrogen will be produced. 

4. Enel Green Power (Andover, Massachusetts)

Enel Green Power is one of the largest multinational green energy companies. The North American subsidiaryis a big player in the American, Canadian and Mexican market: over 100 plants have been planned and installed, accounting for an installed renewable energy capacity around 10GW of wind, hydroelectric, solar and geothermal power. The North American Enel Green Power has their headquarter in Andover, Massachusetts.

5. Acciona Wind Energy LLC (Chicago, Illinois)

Acciona Wind Energy LLC is part of one of the largest and most important renewable energy company Acciona. The developer is active worldwide and has a diverse portfolio of different assets, one of which is wind energy. The company develops onshore and offshore wind projects and currently operates over 1,000 MW of wind energy projects. 

Update 2024: In January 2024, Acciona Energia successfully concluded its inaugural hybrid renewable energy project. This innovative facility combines a 36MW wind component with a 29MW solar plant, seamlessly integrated into the existing Escepar wind farm site in Spain. The project covers extensive areas in the municipalities of Villalba del Rey and Tinajas in Cuenca.

6. Orion Renewable Energy (Oakland, California)

Orion Renewable Energy was founded in 1998 and since then has worked towards a green future. The Oakland-based wind and solar project developer has developed projects all over the world and has a portfolio of over 6,000 MW of installed capacity. While most projects are in the United States, Orian Renewable Energy is active world wide with projects in Europe, mostly in the United Kingdom, and Asia.

7. Clearway Energy Group (San Francisco, California)

The Clearway Energy Group is one of the biggest market players in the United States and has over 5 GW of renewable energy projects in operation. Their biggest asset here is wind energy, accounting for 3.5 GW installed capacity. Moreover the developer also has solar energy and energy storage projects all over the United States.

8. Leeward Renewable Energy (Dallas, Texas)

Leeward Renewable Energy is a Dallas-based renewable energy company. The wind- and solar energy project developer has installed over 2,000 MW of renewable energy projects and currently has over 17 GW of projects under development. Leeward Renewable Energy is geographically focused in the United States and wind energy is their most important asset.

9. Trident Winds (Seattle, Washington)

Trident Winds is a Seattle-based renewable energy company. As the name suggests, the company has an expertise in wind energy, specifically in offshore wind energy. Trident Winds currently has developed two large floating offshore wind projects at the West Coast of the US. 

10. Green Development (Cranston, Rhode Island)

Green Development is a Cranston-based renewable energy market player active in all steps of the value chain and therefore offers expertise in the lifecycle management of renewable energy projects. The company is the largest owner and operator of renewable energy solutions in Rhode Island and focuses on wind and solar energy.

Wind energy developer from the United States  

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Almost every large-scale renewable energy installation in the United State is based on the work of a renewable energy developer. Developers acquire land plots, realize the installation of PV-panels or wind energy generators, connect the installation to the grid and subsequently sell it to renewable energy investors. Our list is the most extensive database of North American renewable energy developers and gives a great overview of companies with a renewable energy project pipeline.

Using the list to sell and lease land plots to renewable energy developers

After deciding to sell or lease a land plot to renewable energy developers – for instance in especially sunny or windy areas – it is essential to get an overview of all relevant green energy development firms who might have an interest in acquiring (or leasing) the land. Our list is tailored to get an extensive and helpful overview of potential developers and business partners.

Renewable energy research and transaction analysis

In order to compile our list, our team screens every possible renewable energy deal in the United States and Canada and analyzes the involved parties. In case we missed a relevant North American renewable energy developer, you can submit a new listing here. In case we made an error on a certain firm – for instance not mentioning the installed capacity – you can always report an error on the respective page. Through crowdsourcing, we consequently improve our list.

Included columns in our list

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  • Legal form
  • URL
  • Country
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Onshore Wind
  • Offshore Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Tidal
  • Hydrogen projects
  • Energy storage
  • Biomass
  • IPP
  • PPA
  • LinkedIn Management
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  • Regional Focus
  • Founding year
  • Installed capacity in MW

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