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List of 5 large PV portfolio owners in Europe

When it comes to installed PV solar technologies at peak hours in Europe, Germany was number 1 in 2021 with a total capacity of 58,461MW. Italy followed with a capacity of 22,698MW. The third place went to Spain with 15,952MW, followed closely by France with 14,718MW and the Netherlands with 14,249MW of PV solar capacity. […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Austria

With over 2GW total solar capacity in 2020, Austria’s solar capacity made up about 10% of the combined renewable energy capacity in that year. The capacity of installed solar energy in Austria is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of over 12% in the years 2022 to 2027. The following three companies are […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Switzerland

In Switzerland, solar power has been growing rapidly due to declining system costs as well as a feed-in tariff by the government. Following companies with large PV portfolios are headquartered in Switzerland. 1) SUSI Partners AG Based in Zug, SUSI Partners is a private fund manager that provides institutional clients with access to private equity […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Germany

As one of the first countries to ever deploy grid-scale PV, Germany was also one of the first countries to reach 1GW of total installed PV capacity in the year 2004. Since then, solar energy in Germany has been growing significantly. Reasons for the growth could be the German Renewable Energy Sources Act that introduced […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Italy

About one-twelfth of the total energy that is produced in Italy, including non-renewable energy, is from PV solar plants. An impressive growth has taken place over the last decade due to the change in the levelized cost of energy, which has dropped by over 80%. The following three companies have been part of this change […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in France

Solar energy in France started to be substantial around 2008 and from then on, grew continually over the years. In 2021, France expanded its existing portfolio of renewable energy capacity with over 2.6GW of additional solar. With France‘s ambitious 100GW solar target for 2050, France is now planning to install 5GW of new solar capacity […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Spain

As one of the European countries with the most sunshine hours, Spain has a high potential for solar energy. No wonder that Spain was one of the first countries to deploy utility-scale solar and is the world leader in concentrated solar power production. The following three companies own huge PV portfolios in Spain. 1) Iberdrola […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in the UK

While the UK is not necessarily known for sunny weather, there are several solar investors in the UK that own a huge portfolio of PV assets. Three of the largest PV portfolio owners in the UK are the following. This article is based on our top 50 database of renewable energy investors from the UK. […]