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List of 3 Renewable Energy Startups founded in the United Kingdom

In December 2020, almost 41% of the total electricity produced in the UK were generated through renewable energy resources. This development shows that the contribution made by renewable energy resources to UK power generation has more than doubled since 2014 – and yet an increase is still possible. That’s why many startups are founded in […]

List of 3 Renewable Energy Startups founded in Scandinavia

In Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the renewable energy has been growing steadily during the last few years. While each country uses their resources best and focuses on their main category (Denmark on wind power, Sweden on biofuels and Norway on hydropower), Scandinavia is also an important player when it comes to innovative business ideas and […]

List of 3 Renewable Energy Startups founded in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the leading renewable energy resources are biomass, wind, solar and both geothermal and aerothermal power – but yet only 11.1% of total Dutch energy consumption are generated through the use of renewable energy. To accelerate this transition toward a more sustainable and greener energy future of the country, various startups are entering […]

List of 3 Renewable Energy Startups founded in Spain

In the context of renewable energy, Spain is known for its optimum conditions for wind and solar energy generation. Not only global players have their headquarter in Spain, but also small renewable energy firm are based there. As the government has committed to installing at least 3,000 megawatts of wind and solar power capacity every […]

List of 3 Renewable Energy Startups founded in Germany

Germany is known for being a pioneer in new developments and an important player in the global economy. In the market of renewable energy, Germany is also an important driver of innovation, by not only creating new ideas but also promoting them through statutory regulations. That’s why we – the team – would like […]

Three exciting startups providing smart grid technolgy

After energy generation and the storage of it, another interesting part of the energy system comes with its unique challenges and innovative solutions: the Grid. The synchronous grid of continental Europe is the largest in the whole world; meaning that there is a lot of potential. For example, the so-called “European super grid” is a […]

List of two disruptive startups providing solar films

The demand for energy continues to rise worldwide – therefore new technologies must be continuously developed which are cheaper, more efficient or more innovative than their predecessors. This is also the case with regard to renewable energies, especially solar energy. Solar energy is also popular among the (German) population: a study by the Fraunhofer Institute […]

Two promising startups in energy storage technology

Renewable Energy plays a crucial role in fighting climate change – a major challenge the renewable energy industry is facing is the storage of the energy generated. Because, unlike from lignite or nuclear power, renewable energy generation cannot be controlled at any given time. In order to be able to react flexibly to changes in […]

Three innovative startups in solar energy technology

Renewable Energy is on the rising – and therefore, the market is packed with various interesting and promising startups. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy sources all over the world. Although renewable energy and specifically solar energy played an increasingly important role, there are still challenges to be overcome – being […]