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List of 3 renewable energy service provider in France

France is home to one of the most important renewable energy players in Europe and worldwide. While nuclear power is still the most relevant and biggest energy source for France, hydroelectric power is the second largest source of electricity generation. The market is therefore active and important – accordingly, service providers are also becoming increasingly […]

List of 3 renewable energy service providers in the UK

Renewable – or ‘green’ – energy is one of the rising industries all over the world and also in Europe. The United Kingdom has high goals and wants to draw a significant amount of electricity from renewable energy, aiming to reach 100% by 2035. Most renewable energy is generated by wind energy, followed by photovoltaic […]

List of 3 renewable energy service providers in Germany

Germany has been a pioneer in renewable energy in various analyses and is considered a driver of achieving climate neutrality. With expertise in wind energy, solar energy and biomass, the country in central Europe is also broadly positioned. Accordingly, there is a high demand for service providers who advise, build and take care of existing […]

List of 3 renewable energy service providers in Spain

Spain is one of the sunniest country in Europe – therefore solar energy is a given renewable energy source. The share of renewable energy in the end use is over 40% with the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 through 100% renewable energy. Therefore the market for renewable energy is as relevant as ever in […]

List of 3 renewable energy corporate finance and deal advisory companies in Europe

Renewable Energy is a high-demand market where more and more money is flowing – by private investors but also by institutional investors. Accordingly, more and more consultancies are accumulating that have focused on corporate finance and deal advisory. In the following article, three of the most important European renewable energy corporate finance and deal advisory […]

List of 3 renewable energy IT-Service providers in Europe

In a digitalized age, software or other IT services naturally play a crucial role in the renewable energy industry as well. These can be used as early as the planning stage, and monitoring software is particularly popular. They can collect and process current data from wind or solar farms and thus identify the need for […]

List of 3 renewable energy operation and maintenance companies in Europe

After the development, construction and implementation of renewable energy projects into the grid comes another important part of the value chain: the operation and maintenance of projects. The owners of solar parks or wind farms usually hire specialized companies that already have experience in the management of renewable energy assets. Also, through previous project work […]

List of 3 renewable energy construction companies in Europe

With the increasing importance of renewable energies, the number of solar farms, wind parks or other sources of ‘green energy’ is naturally also increasing. Accordingly, more and more market participants are required to work on and for various renewable energy projects. In the following article, we will introduce you to three european-based construction companies that […]

List of 3 renewable energy consulting companies in Europe

Renewable energy is a growing industry. The pressing climate change and various agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, is leading to an ever-increasing importance of renewable energy. Accordingly, consulting services are becoming more and more relevant – in the following article Renewables.Digital presents 3 important service providers operating in Europe. 1. Apricum GmbH (Berlin, […]