List of the 300 largest wind farm developers Europe [2024]

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Last update: 19th February 2024
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Wind developers in Europe

List of 10 large wind park developers in Europe

The European Union has set itself high goals in terms of climate protection and wants to become climate-neutral by 2050, with emissions already reduced by over 50% in 2030. An important part of this so-called “Green Deal” is the expansion of renewable energies, which leads to the emergence of more and more developers in this field. Solar energy and wind energy are most often the focus of developers. Especially in the north of Europe wind energy is well known and used. Wind plants exist both in the sea (so called offshore plants) but also, and mainly, on land – so called onshore wind plants. This article presents 10 of the most important wind energy developers in Europe.

1. Abo Wind (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Abo Wind is a German-based solar and wind energy developer. With geographical focus on their home country, Abo Wind has planned and constructed 440 wind plants in Germany, reaching around 1.000 MW energy in Germany alone. The german wind developer has special expertise in wind plants (directly) near or even in forests and also specializes in repowering wind plants. Abo Wind is also very keen to ensure nature conservation and performs replacement plantings in order to keep used forest area the same size.

2. Cloudberry (Oslo, Norway)

Cloudberry is a Nordic owner, developer and operator of renewable energy plants with headquarters in Oslo, Norway as well as Karlstad, Sweden. Their geographical focus is in Norway and Sweden – accordingly Cloudberry is active in the field of hydropower plants and wind farms, mainly onshore. The Nordic wind developer is represented on the stock market under the ticker CLOUD (on Oslo Stock Exchange’s main list).

Update 2024: Cloudberry Clean Energy, via its subsidiary Odin Energy, acquired the 210 MW Nees Hede hybrid solar and wind project in Denmark, including development and grid rights, as well as land access.

3. Eolus Vind (Hässleholm, Sweden)

Eolus Vind was established in 1990 – being the first commercial wind energy developer, the company now has evolved to the development and establishment of turnkey facilities/wind farms. Since Eolus Vind has been in the market for over 40 years, the wind energy developer with headquarters in Hässleholm, Sweden, uses the achieved expertise in the pre-study, project development and also in the establishment phase. Their focus market is in the north of Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia) as well as in the United States.

Update 2024: Together with PNE AG (see 9.) Eolus Vind plans an giga-offshore wind park that is planned to be operational in 2030 in Latvia. Moreover, Eolus Vind has submitted a permit application for the Västvind wind farm off the western coast of Sweden. The project is set to feature up to 50 wind turbines with a maximum height of 320 meters and a total installed capacity of 1,000 MW. Planned west of Gothenburg, near Öckerö and Kungälv, the offshore wind farm aims to commence construction in 2027, targeting operational status by 2029.

4. Iberwind (Algés, Portugal)

Iberwind is a Portugal-based renewable energy developer with their headquarter in Algés. Since 1998 the Portuguese wind energy developer has developed 31 wind farms with a total of >720 MW installed capacity. 2 of these wind farms are on of the largest in Europe with over 100 MW of installed capacity each. Iberwind is focused on onshore wind energy in Portugal and thereby has become one of the most important onshore wind energy developer in the country.

5. OX2 (Stockholm, Sweden)

OX2 is a Stockholm-based renewable energy developer with focus on solar and wind energy. By 2020 has achieved a portfolio of 2.5 GW wind power in Europe. In order to reach their goal of a 100% sustainable planet, the wind farm developer focuses on large-scale energy solution since their founding in 2004. Geographically OX2 focuses on wind parks in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

Update 2024: OX2, together with and Ingka Investments, have partnered with Ellevio, a Swedish electric power distribution company, for the 400 MW Galene offshore wind farm in Sweden. The wind farm is part of the 1.7 GW Galatea-Galene project, which will be located 21 kilometers west of Varberg, featuring up to 21 wind turbines across a 42 square kilometer area.

6. Voltalia (Paris, France)

Voltalia is one of the best-known French renewable energy developer. Under the motto “Improve global environment, Fostering local development” the Paris-based green energy developer acts as an energy producer and service provider in the respective field. Their portfolio is diverse: Besides Solar, Biomass, Hydro and Wind energy Voltalia is also active in the energy storage industry. With presence all over Europe, in South America, parts of Africa and Asia, the developer has over 1 GW of installed capacity and over 9 GW in the pipeline.

7. Juwi (Wörrstadt, Germany)

Juwi is a German renewable energy developer active for 25 years. Juwi’s portfolio mainly includes solar and onshore wind energy but also hybrid solutions with storage systems. Worldwide the German developer has planned and constructed over 1.000 onshore wind farms resulting in 2,400 MW of installed capacity. Also, Juwi has high expertise in the reconstruction and restoration as well as the dismantling of wind plants. Moreover, Juwi has successfully planned and constructed wind farms in forests.

8. EDP Renovaveis SA (Madrid, Spain)

EDPR is one of the best-known renewable energy developers and fourth-largest wind energy developer worldwide. With three core business units: Solar, Offshore wind and Onshore wind, the developer has an essential standing in the renewable energy field. Being present in 17 markets, EDPR (short for EDP renewables) has developed over 270 wind farms. Most projects are in Europe, but the developer is also active in the Americas.

9. PNE AG (Cuxhaven, Germany)

PNE – short for pure new energy – is a German renewable energy developer based in Cuxhaven. Being active in the wind energy sector, PNE develops and constructs mainly offshore and onshore wind farms. In recent years the developer has extended its geographical focus from Europe to developing countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Since their founding in 1990, PNE has developed over 240 wind farms in Europa and the USA, adding up to around 3.100 MW of installed capacity.

Update 2024: The company is planning to deploy an offshore windpark in Latvia together with the swedish project developer Eolus Vind (see 3.). The project is planned to be operational in 2030, with an installed capacity of over 1 GW.

10. Galetech Energy Services (Cavan, Ireland)

Galetech Energy Services is an Irish renewable energy player based in Cavan. Offering the Planning and Development as well as the Project Management and Engineering, the Irish developer is not only active in Europe, but also oversees projects in South-Africa and parts of Asia. Overall, Galetech has supported 1.9 GW of projects in 16 international markets.

Wind park developers

Wind park developers from Europe

Wind energy is one of the most important renewable energies worldwide, but also in Europe. Therefore there are many European experts in wind pro

ject development, with their expertise ranging from site analyses, over the design and the final project planning. Working closely with renewable energy investors, the developers have investment backing. Our list contains the most extensive database of European wind energy developers.

Top 300 Wind Developers Europe

Using the list find business partners

While our list is providing an overview of the European market of wind park developers, it is tailored to offer you the opportunity to find the most valuable information in order to identify and get into contact with relevant wind plan developers. The filtering options on our diversified columns enable you to work with the list according to your individual needs and find the best potential business partners.

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  • Onshore Wind
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  • Energy storage
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  • IPP
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  • Regional Focus
  • Founding year
  • Installed capacity in MW

Image Sources: Unsplash (American Public Power Association & Sander Weeteling accessed on 30.03.2022)

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