List of the 350 largest renewable energy investors in Europe [2024]

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Get access to our list of the most important European renewable energy investors (like Aquila Capital, Greencoat UK Wind, etc.) as an excel file for 499,99€. Investors are owners of renewable assets like solar parks and wind farms, which are potentially interested in acquiring new assets. The list includes further information (like executives’ names, LinkedIn accounts, contact details, etc.). The list includes free-of-charge updates and additional entries for one year, sent out via email.

Last update: 09th January, 2024
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List of 10 renewable energy investors in Europe

Renewable energy has a significant value when it comes to the future of the planet and the renunciation of the climate crisis. Based on this cognizance, investment firms are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility and therefore actively taking part in the transition to a sustainable future through emission-free energy generation. Striving to add renewable energy projects to their portfolio and achieve a high degree of diversification, investment firms are interested in different types of renewable energy production. Therefore, investment firms rely on classics such as onshore wind farms, photovoltaic solar parks and hydropower but also invest in less common renewable energy projects such as hydrogen, biomass and offshore wind parks. In addition, the storage of energy is not too negligible, which is why some investment firms are also active in this renewable sector. Based on their investments, not only to current energy supply can increasingly be converted to renewable energy, but also the process of improvement and further development can be driven forward. In the following, ten European investors will be presented. They are characterised by their active involvement in the renewable energy sector.

1) Ventient Energy (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

The Edinburgh based investment firm was founded in 2017 and exhibits today, only five years after the founding, already a portfolio of over 2.5 GW installed capacity through renewable energy projects. Ventient Energy focuses on onshore wind parks across Europe and currently operates over 130 of them in six different countries. By being named as the Sector Leader by GRESB in the context of Sustainability, the pan-European renewable energy business stands for their mission to secure the planet and its people by generating renewable energy and achieving sustainable growth. Therefore, their approach is not only to invest in renewable projects but also to ensure sustainability in the implementation and operation of these.

2) Greencoat UK Wind (London, United Kingdom)

Greencoat UK Wind deliberately focuses on wind parks across the United Kingdom by acquiring onshore and offshore wind farms. As the investment firm is managed by Greencoat Capital LLP, the investments are evaluated by an experienced team of senior executives in order to provide shareholders with a sustainable and transparent income stream. Greencoat Capital LLP, which evolved into one of Europe’s largest dedicated managers, has shifted their focus with Greencoat UK Wind to the renewable wind energy sector after realizing the potential in this branch. In the investment context Greencoat UK Wind operates according to clear guidelines that have been established internally and thus provide clear conditions for, among others, capacity and acquisition price. In Q3 of 2023, Greencoat UK Wind has surpassed a milestone with a wind capacity exceeding 2GW.

3) Aquila Capital (Hamburg, Germany)

The investment firm with headquarter in Hamburg can exhibit a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects. Since the founding in 2001, Aquila Capital was able to acquire an impressive portfolio. It comprises over 550 wind turbines (operating in onshore and offshore wind parks), 119 solar farms and almost 150 hydropower plants. While being one of the first alternative investment firms, the portfolio has reached a total capacity of over 8 GW through the investments made over the last years. Today, Aquila Capital is considered as a leading investment manager and continues to pursue their mission of reducing carbon emission by fostering innovation and driving the digitalization of the energy transition forward. Battery storage is an increasingly important asset in the renewable energy industry – the German investor sees this potential and has acquired a 220MW pipeline of battery storage projects from the renewable energy company Gransolar in 2023.

4) EWE Erneuerbare Energien (Oldenburg, Germany)

With a portfolio capacity of more than 555 MW, EWE Erneuerbare Energien is considered as meaningful investor in the renewable energy sector. Their 30 years of experience in the branch of new energy show that the Oldenburg-based investment firm is striving to make a positive and lasting change in the energy supply. With competence and conviction of the renewable energy, EWE Erneuerbare Energien does not only invest in onshore and offshore wind parks, but also in photovoltaic solar farms and biomass.

Due to the commitment to the transitions of the energy supply, the German Investor is increasingly involving in renewable energy projects and relying on innovative technology. Therefore, they ensure maximum efficiency and consider themselves as reliable partner for not only developers, but also entrepreneurs, municipalities and citizens.

5) Green Investment Group (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

By managing investments in renewable projects worldwide, Green Investment Group pursues the goal to expedite the green transition of the energy sector. Five years after being acquired by Macquire Group Limited, the Edinburgh based investment firm has a diversified portfolio of onshore and offshore wind as well as solar parks. Furthermore, Green Investment Group is considered as one of the world’s largest specialized green infrastructure investor and developer team while striving their mission to take action in the process of developing a greener economy.

6) ENGIE S.A. (Paris, France)

 Engie S.A. was founded in 2008 in Paris and is striving ever since for the world’s transition to a carbon-friendly future. By investing in renewable energy projects, the French Investment firm is furthering innovative solutions in the context of energy generation and hence converting the energy supply to a more sustainable way of implementation. The diversified portfolio of Engie S.A. exhibits various different renewable energy projects, such as wind parks, solar farms and geothermal energy but also biomethane and biomass as well as hydrogen and hydroelectricity projects. While Engie S.A. is already the leader in the French wind energy sector, they are furthermore striving to become a pioneer in the branch of renewable technologies. The French energy giant has exceeded expectations and currently holds over 34GW of installed capacity through their diverse renewable energy assets.

Update 2024: Engie commits to invest INR 17,200 crore for the development of 2.5 GW renewable energy projects in Gujarat by 2030.

7) Magnora ASA (Oslo, Norway)

With the regional focus on Northern Europe, the Oslo based Investment firm is aiming to evolve the energy market to a sustainable way of implementation, particularly in the context of energy generation. Therefore, Magnora ASA is not only investing in the development of renewable energy projects but also in leading technology companies in order to achieve operational excellence. Being considered a leading royalty and license revenue company, the Norwegian investment firm is striving for continuous improvement of internal processes.

8) CEE Group (Hamburg, Germany)

CEE Group is an active alternative asset manager with focus on renewable energy. By providing a portfolio with a total capacity of 1037 MW, the Hamburg based investment firm applies to be one of the largest independent green power producers in Europe. By not only acquiring the renewable energy projects but also managing the wind and solar farm marked by a high degree of digitalization and innovative tools, CEE Group ensures the entire value chain. With their experience of over 20 years in the field of real assets, the German investment firm is accepting their responsibility and taking part in the transition of the energy supply.

9) Bluefield Solar Income Fund (Guernsey, United Kingdom)

The portfolio of the Guernsey based investment firm provides over 100 solar parks assets which is representable for their focus on utility scale solar assets and portfolios. Based on their approach to maximise the renewable energy, Bluefield Solar Income Fund is currently extending their investments to onshore wind parks, hydropower projects and energy storage. Nevertheless, the regional focus will remain in the United Kingdom while further fulfilling the obligation to contribute to a more sustainable future which includes reduced carbon emissions.

10) RWE Renewables (Essen, Germany)

RWE Renewables is considered a leading investment firm in the global renewable energy sector. By continuously working on innovative technologies, the German subsidiary of RWE is striving their goal to be carbon-neutral by 2040. Therefore, RWE Renewables is centering the area of onshore and offshore wind parks as well as photovoltaic solar farms. As one of the largest electricity generators worldwide, the Essen based investment firm is striving to convert to a more sustainable way of implementation by cutting conventional power plants and thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Update 2024: RWE continues to enhance its renewables portfolio in Poland, marking the operational launch of its 20th onshore wind farm, Żnin. This has elevated its onshore wind capacity in Poland to over 540 MW.

list renewable energy investors europe

Research for our directory of European renewable energy investors

Top 300 European Investors Map

The list of European renewable energy investors underlies an ongoing research process: our team screens transactions, analyzes new projects, and cooperates with various investors and project developers in the renewables industry. Through our state-of-the-art crawler technology, the list is updated and extended multiple times per year. All entries that are included in the list can also be retrieved through our online database. In case we missed an important investor, please submit it here.

Finding the right investors for solar and wind parks in Europe

A popular use case of our list is the identification of relevant investors for solar / PV and wind parks in Europe. The handy list – delivered as an excel file – can be filtered according to your criteria. For instance, with just a few clicks you can identify all PV park investors that are active in Europe. Or: all offshore wind park investors that have their headquarters in Scandinavia. We screen every news report regarding transactions of renewable assets. Hence, our excel list gives a unique overview of renewable investors.

Different types of green energy investors covered

Our list mainly includes three different types of renewable energy investors: asset- and investment-managers, utilities, and family offices. Asset managers are investing in the name of institutional investors and managing a renewables portfolio for their funds. That includes operating the portfolio, selling the energy through PPAs and on the free market, and acquiring new assets. Utilities are acquiring – and in some cases building on their own – renewable assets to ensure CO2-neutral and cheap energy supply for their customers. Family offices – the investment firms of high net worth families – recently started to invest in renewables and also to acquire wind and solar parks.

Included columns in our renewable investor database

All information that is available on specific investor pages, and even more data points (like executives). The list includes all publicly available information or data points shared by the investors themselves. For instance, specific information like installed capacity are only included when stated on the website.

  • Company Name
  • Legal form
  • Stock listed?
  • Ticker symbol
  • URL
  • Country
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • LinkedIn Account of C-Level Executives
  • Onshore Wind?
  • Offshore Wind?
  • Solar?
  • Hydro?
  • Tidal?
  • Hydrogen projects?
  • Geothermal?
  • Energy storage?
  • PPA?
  • Type of Investor (Asset-/Investmentmanager, Family Office, Utility, IPP (Independent Power Producer))
  • Management
  • Regional Focus
  • Installed capacity in MW

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